Creating a Joyful, Compassionate Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving is a deeply treasured holiday that brings families and friends together in celebration of a bountiful harvest, and all we have to be grateful for. Since the 1800s, turkey has been the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast, with stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes as traditional accompaniments. Other side dishes vary to

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  LEGUMES Highest fiber foods High in phytochemicals High in antioxidants Low in fat, saturated fat Cholesterol-free Non-heme iron No hormones, antibiotics No Neu5Gc No TMAO produced Low chemical contaminants MEAT NO fiber NO phytochemicals Minimal antioxidants High in fat, saturated fat High in cholesterol Heme iron (oxidant) Hormones and antibiotics Contains Neu5Gc TMAO production

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