Cheezy Kale Chips


Kale chips make a great, nutrient-dense snack. Even picky little eaters will gobble them up.  You can use just about any dressing to flavor the chips.  For super simple kale chips, sprinkle on a little avocado oil (1 Tbsp/15 ml), tamari (1 Tbsp/15 ml) and lemon juice, lime juice or balsamic vinegar (2-3 Tbsp/30-45 ml).  Toss with a mixed herb seasoning.  The recipe below uses the cashew red pepper “cheese sauce” as a dressing, so if you are making the sauce and have a little left over, there are few better ways to use it up!

About 12 cups (3 l) of kale (or about 2 heads)
1 cup cashew red pepper “cheese”
2 Tbsp (30 ml) fresh squeezed lemon juice, or white balsamic or other vinegar
2-3 tsp (10-15 ml) tamari
1-2 tsp (5-10 ml) herbs or spices
1/4 cup (60 ml) nutritional yeast

1. Wash kale and move stems.
2. Tear into good sized pieces (not too small) and put into a very large bowl.
3. Toss with cashew red pepper “cheese” sauce, lemon juice, tamari, herbs and/or spices, if desired. 
4. Dehydrate at about 115 degrees for 4-6 hours.  (Can also be done at a higher temperature 130-140 degrees for about half the time.  If you do not have a dehydrator, you can bake these chips in your oven at about 250 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until crispy).