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Lectures and Seminars

Brenda Davis is an authoritative, entertaining and passionate speaker. She has presented at nutrition and health conferences in over 20 countries on 5 continents. Book her for your next medical, nutrition or health conference; for employee seminars or for lectures to the general public. Lecture Fee Schedule: $2500* per day + expenses. * fee is negotiable for non-profits. Please contact Brenda directly to discuss fees for services.

Personal Consultations

Brenda does very limited personal consultations as time allows. Brenda’s recommendations for excellent one-on-one consults:

Corporate Consultations

Brenda does corporate consultations as time allows. A wide range of services are available: Staff training Development of nutrition policies/recommendations Nutrition intervention seminars Media consultations Product development consultations Group seminars (see Lectures and Seminars) Scientific writing/editing nutrition-related materials Contact Brenda for availability and fee structure.

Course Develoment

Brenda is devoting more time as a team member in a variety of projects creating large curriculums. These have included video's Power Points and Curriculum Development for Living Light Culinary School, The Food Revolution Network, Veg Health and Diabetes Undone and Sustainable Diet. Contact Brenda if you have a project in mind.

Upcoming 2023 events

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Quotes from Colleagues and Lecture Attendees:

“Brenda Davis is one of the most informed and reliable voices on vegan and vegetarian nutritional issues that I know.  When I have questions, she is the expert I go to for clarity.  Her knowledge is extraordinary and her work is impeccable.  Anyone with an interest in vegetarian or vegan nutrition who has an opportunity to hear Brenda speak should leap at the chance.” – John Robbins

“When I look for nutritional advice the first person I go to is Brenda Davis. She is outstanding.” – Howard F. Lyman

 “I as privileged to organize and attend a public lecture given by Brenda Davis in Canberra, Australia in February 2015. The lecture was a two-hour powerhouse performance which both informed and captivated the 400 people who attended. Brenda has the rare gift of being able to make complex information about nutrition accessible to the lay person and the expert, sharing her knowledge and decades of experience in a compelling yet down-to-earth fashion.  Built on a strong foundation of evidence-based scientific facts, Brenda’s lecture also provided the audience with take-home tips and hints that everyone could draw on to improve their health through better nutrition and exercise. Her knowledge and wisdom is impressive and her skill of imparting this expertise to an audience is first class.”  – Nick Samaras, Canberra, Australia