The Kick Diabetes Cookbook is Out!!!

The Kick Diabetes Cookbook by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina (publisher – Book Publishing Company) is available now. This book provides a tested plan for managing and reversing type 2 diabetes. With over 100 recipes and step by step guidelines, it will serve as an invaluable resource. All the recipes included are sugar-free, oil-free and meet the guidelines for <1500 mg sodium per day. The are based on whole, plant foods and help you to maximize the most protective components in the diet, while minimizing those found to be the most pathogenic. You will love how easy they are to prepare.


Dr. Michael Greger (founder of and author of How Not to Die) says, “If you intend to reverse diabetes or support someone in this process, get a copy of The Kick Diabetes Cookbook and make it your constant companion.”

Dr. John Kelly (founding president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine) says, “Properly selected and prepared plant foods can reverse insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Reverse your diabetes and enjoy full remission using the nutritional approach so enjoyably presented in The Kick Diabetes Cookbook.”

Dr. Wes Youngberg (assistant clinical professor at Loma Linda University, founder of Diabetes Undone and author of Goodbye Diabetes) says, “I’ve been helping patients reverse diabetes for nearly 20 years. There is no one I would trust more to give me nutritional advice than Brenda Davis. Using this cookbook is your best bet for reversing diabetes.”

Julieanna Hever (co-author of Plant-based Nutrition Idiot’s Guide and The Vegiterranean Diet) says, “With the unprecedented rise of type 2 diabetes, there has been increasing confusion surrounding diet-related treatments. The Kick Diabetes Cookbook is a welcomed solution packed with simple advice, detailed charts and guidelines and delicious, easy recipes.”

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The Kick Diabetes CookBook